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Ingatestone Garden Centre

Brentwood Borough Council approves Pre-Submission Local Plan

09 Nov 2018

At an Extraordinary Council meeting held on Thursday 8 November Brentwood Council moved to approve their Pre-Submission Local Plan.

The new Local Development will see 7,718 new homes built throughout the plan period of 2016 to 2033 including a proposed strategy to create a new garden village at Dunton Hills. It will also include the planning policies that will be applied in assessing the planning applications during this period.

Councillor Louise McKinlay, said: “Under this plan 87% of the land in the Borough will remain as greenbelt; it will help to provide the affordable homes and the next round of work on the Plan focuses on the essential infrastructure that is required for Brentwood to grow in a sustainable way. The plan aims to ensure that much-needed housing is delivered whilst protecting the Borough’s special characteristics.”

The plan will now be published for public consultation from mid-November to mid-January 2019, with a view to submit it to the Secretary of State by March 2019.